"JP and I were very nervous and excited to start our home building journey. We wanted to find an honest, experienced and reliable builder. When we first met Todd and Debbie in April of 2016 we just knew that they were the people we wanted building our new home. Our initial visit was very thorough and they both made us feel very comfortable. Throughout our entire experience building our home Todd was very attentive. He made a point of coming to the majority of our meetings including cabinets, windows, plumbing, flooring and finishing and never making us feel rushed during the process. Todd also always came at least once a week to see the progress of our build and allowed us to spend time in our new home anytime we wanted. 

We really loved the fact that we could watch our home be built and were allowed to get our hands dirty and do some of the work ourselves. We were so happy with how fast and efficient our build went! We started digging our home at the end of June and were in our new home by the beginning of December. We are so happy with the way our new home turned out, it is exactly the way that we imagined it would be. As first time home builders the process has been stress free and so enjoyable with Stanfield Homes. 

We would definitely recommend Stanfield homes to anyone interested in building a new home."

Amanda and JP

"Building my home with Todd and Debbie of Stanfield Homes allowed the building experience to be extremely enjoyable! Their easy going personalities and willingness to address any customer concerns, completely reduced the stresses involved with building a new home. The project supervision provided by Stanfield Homes and subcontractors used, allowed me to have assurance that I was receiving a quality built home. I would highly recommend building with Todd and Debbie as I am very happy with my Stanfield home!"


"We bought our lake lot at Lac Santé Shores with a plan in mind that we would build our Dream Cottage. I started this process by drawing ideas on a napkin and then decided to contact Todd from Stanfield Homes.  We had the great pleasure of meeting Todd in 2014.  He gave us some things to think about and after a year had passed we transformed my drawing into a draft.

We met with Todd again in September of 2015 with the idea that Stanfield Homes could make all of our dreams come true.

In October 2015 we met at the lake lot to stake out the cottage and start the dig.  I have to say we were excited and scared, but knew our 20+ year dream was soon to be reality.

For every month thereafter, we got so excited watching the build progress.  Todd may not have agreed with all of my crazy ideas but he made them work. He also had many great ideas that we were able to use. We got our keys in April 2016.

Our Cottage/Lake House is even more than we dreamed it could be, all because of Todd and Debbie of Stanfield Homes.

Thank you for taking all of our ideas and visions and bringing them to fruition. We are so glad you were both part of our dream.

Stanfield Homes truly does make dreams a reality!"

Eric & Tammy

"We recently built a timber-frame home and developed a 1 acre lot with Stanfield Homes. Todd has a wealth of knowledge for home construction, which made a complicated build seem relatively simple. Todd’s experience reaches beyond building homes as he organized rough grades, sewer systems, wells, and cisterns. We worked with a construction timeline that made choosing cabinets, fixtures, and lighting simpler than expected. Todd’s opinions on materials such as flooring types and finishes helped us match a product that was suitable for our lifestyle. Over all Stanfield Homes built a home we will enjoy for years to come.

Doug and Julia

"We decided to build our lake house with Stanfield Homes after a couple of years of “thinking” about it.  This was our very first build, and definitely won’t be our last!  Right from the initial design/layout of our home, we knew Todd and Stanfield were the right choice.  He was very knowledgeable on the home’s construction & design, and always made great suggestions on how to improve upon our overall vision.  For us, the custom building process was fun & exciting.  It was not stressful like we thought it would be, thanks to Todd.  We were able to book appointments with his suppliers that were conducive to our schedule.  The process never felt rushed.  He was always open to our suggestions, easily approachable, and always kept lines of communication open.  There was no guessing as to where we were at in the whole building process.  While remaining sensitive to our budget, he was able to give us quality options for the exterior and interior finishes.  His trades were also a pleasure to deal with and kept the jobsite clean & safe.

You can really tell that Todd takes great pride in his work.  We were able to move into our home on time and on budget!  We absolutely love our home and look forward to enjoying it for many years.  I would not hesitate to build another home with Todd and would highly recommend Stanfield Homes for the construction of your new home!"

Duncan & Nicky

"The stress and complications of building a new home were minimized when we were introduced to Todd and Debbie of Stanfield Homes. Their experience and knowledge in home building are second to none. They have totally surpassed our expectations and these are some of the highlights that have impressed us.

  • Continuous construction due to the timing and scheduling of contractors.
  • Very happy with the workmanship of the skilled sub-contractors.
  • Quality of materials in every application.
  • Updated weekly on the progress.
  • When the product we wanted was discontinued, Todd quickly found a similar one of same quality.
  • Always a clean and safe worksite.
  • Very responsible to the environment.

Todd and Debbie are very respectful and dependable. They are a pleasure to work with."

Karen and Dwayne

"I have to say from the moment we spoke to Todd to arrange a meeting I knew he was different from other builders. Then to be welcomed into Debbie and Todd’s home for our first meeting and consult, I knew for sure they were different. Right from the start their honest and genuine approach made me know I wanted to build with them. After having a negative experience from another larger builder, having their personalized approach made me feel right at home. 

Once I had established it was Stanfield Homes I wanted to build with, the fun began. Having the opportunity to be able to 100% customize your home is a rare find nowadays so I was quite excited to be able to selectively choose every aspect of my home. Todd and Debbie were there along the way to offer advice and keep you on budget but you really had the opportunity to choose anything you wanted. 

Once construction began, nothing changed. Todd and Debbie were there beside you the entire time and offering constant updates and guidance when needed. The contractors all hired by Stanfield Homes were all very professional and you could tell they were the best in the business. The suppliers used were all very accommodating to the schedules, provided a large variety of products and offered competitive prices. 

Todd had us in our home in record time and if I were ever to build again I wouldn’t think twice in using Stanfield Homes. I have recommended Stanfield Homes to everyone I know building…they are truly a remarkable company. 

Thanks again for your work"


Thank you for building our beautiful home.  During construction our neighbors commented on how clean and organized the job site was during construction.  There was surprisingly many decisions to be made during the building process, and your flexibility and expertise as the manager of construction was essential in us being able to build the home we intended too.  When hiring a builder we never imagined we could find a builder who approached the project with the same spirit as could be only typically found in a partnership.  Furthermore, when it comes to Quality, Lead Time, Customer Service and Price it felt like Stanfield Homes was always looking to deliver a winning experience for both the customer and themselves.  Your staff and contractors were readily available to respond to any requests and as a result the experience of building a home was very positive.  This was a 5 STAR experience and if we were to ever consider building a home again you would be our first call.

Troy & Shauna

"My husband and I have had the opportunity to build many homes over the years; therefore, have more than experienced some of the challenges one faces when going through the process of building a new home.  We met Todd and Debbie of Stanfield Homes through mutual community involvement then quickly realized that his family had already worked for us on another project years ago.  Based on the quality of work we had experienced already through his family, we knew that Todd would definitely have had those qualities passed on to him through his dad.  When we heard Todd was going into the home building business himself, we knew he would probably be a good fit for us and our newest building endeavour.

Having a builder like Stanfield Homes manage and complete our home building project definitely made our experience, this time around, a much smoother and less stressful one. Todd’s hands-on approach is the type of builder we admire.  He kept us up to date as the project progressed and ensured we, the clients, were always happy with the results.  Todd respects his client’s input, allowing them to be involved as much as possible while moving forward.  He expects the highest standards from his contactors and sub-contractors and always responded quickly to any inquiries and/or concerns we may have had when contacted about them.  His ability to problem solve was impeccable.  We cannot express how pleased we are with Todd’s work ethic and building knowledge. 

Todd and Debbie are a pleasure to work with, so much so that we would definitely hire them to build any home for us again in the future."

Pete and Michele

"We used Stanfield Homes to build our house in 2016. We are so happy with our house! 

They were professional, knowledgeable, and easy to deal with. They allowed us to be very hands on with the build, knowing that we wanted to be there every step of the way! They were open to our ideas & they listened to our needs & wants. We would 100% recommend Stanfield Homes to anyone; especially if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind custom home. These guys can tailor anything to suit your needs and that’s what makes them special. A top-notch builder with subcontractors that are second to none. Special thanks to Todd & Debbie Stahn!"

Shane & Koreen